How do I Join The Standard?

There are three different ways you can join The Standard: 1) You can join The Standard by purchasing one of our foundational suits. 2) You can join The Standard by purchasing one of our haymaker suits. 3) You can join The Standard by purchasing a membership package.


If I buy a suit do I also have to purchase a membership package to join?

No. If you buy a suit a membership to The Standard is included. 


How long will it take for my suit to arrive?

All suits are made-to-order and will take 4-5 weeks to arrive. 


I just purchased my suit or membership, how do I get access to the community?

Once you purchase your suit you will get an email with a welcome message which includes links to join the community?


What does membership to The Standard entail?

Membership to The Standard entails: Access to masterclass monday curriculum, high level networking sheet, private discord community of ambitious, successful men, free tickets to memberships, invitations to exclusive events, access to The Standard experience celebrations, and much more. 


Are there currently yearly fees for The Standard membership? 

At this current moment there are no yearly fees for The Standard membership. In the future, there will be yearly fees for new members who join in future launches. The benefit of purchasing a suit or membership today and being part of the foundational members is that you will not have to pay any yearly fees.