For Men Who Want To Unlock Their FULL Potential and Become The 1% Man.


Imagine being a part of an EXCLUSIVE network of men, with access to HIGH-LEVEL masterminds, PRIVATE UPSCALE events, INDUSTRY EXPERTS in both FITNESS and STYLE, more INCOME, more EMOTIONAL INTELLIGIENCE and a STEP BY STEP Blueprint on how to achieve all of this with
DIRECT ACCESS to the People who HAVE...

Joseph Hines & Hafeez Baoku

The Standard - Founders

What is the Standard?

The Standard is an exclusive community of high performing men committed to personal excellence, assisting others and leaving a legacy of greatness.

The Standard Core Values

By working alongside like-minded men committed to excellence, you will find yourself setting The Standard as opposed to being standard.

  • Excellence- A desire to be excellent physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially and socially. 

  • Assisting- A desire to work together and help other men for the greater good of seeing everyone win. 

  • Legacy- A desire to build generational wealth, teach generational habits and leave a generational impact with a strong family.


Hear from our Co-Founder

How does it work?

The Standard is an International network of high-performing
men and INDUSTRY LEADERS looking to instantly connect with those who want to embody excellence, and get to the NEXT LEVEL by using the following mediums.

  • Genuine Connections

    Connect with High Performing Men

  • Captivating Events

    Celebrate Your Success

  • Exceptional Resources

    Add a Zero to your Net Worth

  • On-board with us!

    Join NOW to get IMMEDIATE support

What Comes With The Standard Membership?

The Standard Social

Access to our exclusive members-only, luxury social that we host across the country created for the purposes of helping men and women connect, converse and celebrate with one another.

The Standard Suits

Access to our members only clothing collection that launches seasonally, which is known as our “uniform of excellence.”

The Standard Server

Access to our private online server that contains a plethora of tools and resources and facilitates in-person connections to optimize success.

The Standard Coaching

Access to additional coaching from C-Suite Executives and 7 Figure + Entrepreneurs.

The Standard Lookbooks

Access to personally curated look books made seasonally to help improve and upgrade the style of the men in the community. 

The Standard Masterclass

Access to our bi-weekly virtual masterclasses taught by different members of the community on a myriad of topics within our five pillars. 

The Standard Conference

Access to our annual conference where the men of The Standard from all across the world gather to be supported, equipped, and empowered for the upcoming year.

The Standard Experience

Access to our 4 day weekend celebrations where we travel to different cities across the world to celebrate life, success, wealth, prosperity and excellence.

The Standard Missions

Access to our mission support where we provide accountability and assistance for the unique goals of each Standard Man.

The Standard Workouts

Access to our private members only group workouts at some of the most exclusive gyms across the country. 

The Standard Workshops

Access to our workshops and masterminds across the country designed to create a comprehensive plan to help each Standard Man achieve his goals for the fiscal year. 

The Standard Library

Access to our digital library which contains hundreds of books, articles, courses videos, and resources around the topic of self-development and becoming a man of overall excellence.

The Standard Database

Access to our exclusive online database of high performing men across the world which will allow instantaneous access and support to creating genuine connections.

Whether you want to start your next successful business, get in the best shape of your life, build your real estate portfolio, or improve your image The Standard gives you IMMEDIATE assistance in helping you ACHIEVE your GOALS.



  • Community and BROTHERHOOD to share trials and tribulations with

  • Ability to meet TOP INFLUENCERS in the WORLD in person

  • Be around other HIGH-PERFORMING and AMBITIOUS men




  • Travel to EXCLUSIVE DESTINATIONS and PRIVATE CLUBS around the world

  • Connect with HIGH PERFORMING men across the wrold.


  • Learn from 100+ HOURS of self development content from our MASTERCLASS MONDAY catalog.


  • Gain ACCESS to our 24-hour
    STANDARD LIBRARY which houses around the clock educational content which is ALWAYS being updated by the community

  • Recieve the blueprint to your DREAM OUTCOME and transition out of work you no longer want to do

Who is The Standard For?

The Standard membership is right for you...

  • If you are SERIOUS not just CURIOUS about how to take your income to 6 figures plus

  • If you are ready to be a part of an EXCLUSIVE-HIGH PERFORMING community

  • If you want to be around INDUSTRY-EXPERTS

  • If you are ready to take your image to the NEXT LEVEL and brand yourself

  • If you are ready to discover how to attract the women of your DREAMS by being the COMPLETE package

  • If you hate complacency and are ready to MAX OUT in every area of your life

  • If you are willing to play an ACTIVE role in upholding a community of excellence

  • If you desire to leave a lasting LEGACY with a strong family.


How Do We Achieve This?

“If you want to go fast you travel by yourself, if you want to go far travel with others.”

How does The Standard Achieve it's mission?

The Standard achieves its mission by cultivating Genuine Connections, curating Captivating Events, and providing Exceptional Resources for every Standard Man.

What does that look like?

  • Connections: We cultivate genuine connections to optimize the success of the men in the community by growing their network.

  • Events: We curate captivating events to create opportunities for men to build with one another and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

  • Resources: We provide exceptional resources and information to add a zero to the net worth of every man in the community.

The Standard Missions Control

The Standard missions control is a built in system that incentivizes both member’s and industry experts to help you achieve your goals which we call missions from Day 1 through our 3-step process.

3 Fundamental Principles

  • Success is NOT a solo journey
  • Other people's experiences are valuable when looking to reduce the time it takes to complete a mission.
  • There is enough success out there for EVERY man willing to put in the work

What is part of your membership?

  • The Standard Community
  • The Standard Masterclasses
  • The Standard Workshops
  • The Standard Coaching
  • The Standard Masterminds
  • The Standard Library
  • The Standard Social
  • The Standard Regional Meetups
  • The Standard Missions
  • The Standard Lookbooks




The men that you associate with will either guide you to

your success or lead you to your failure.

The Standard Membership Breakdown

The Standard Community

$10,000 value

The Standard Masterminds

$5,000 value

The Standard Library

$5,000 value

The Standard Database

$5,000 value


value over




The Standard is a community of high performing men who work together to unlock their full
potential physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially

No, it is not. The Standard is a digital community that facilitates real life in person
connections and community. While touch points happen online, the relationships are built in
person. We have in-person events and members in every major city in the United States such as:
New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Dallas, Houston,
Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and much more.

Once you've joined The Standard three things happen...
1) You are connected to a local liaison within 48 hours whose job is to connect and support you
into the community.
2) You go through orientation and take an evaluation so we can assess your strength and
weakness and support your needs.
3) You will receive access to The Standard Library, Masterclass Mondays, Digital Community as
well as being connected with an expert in your field of weakness.

Yes you can. We have a liaison dedicated to the success and well-being of international
members and The Standard has a plethora of tools and resources that can be accessed from
anywhere in the globe. We are also cultivating meet ups in different parts of the world for the
men to meet.

You have to be at least 18 years old to join The Standard, which is only allowed on a special
case by case basis. Ideally, we want our members to be 21 years old as the median age of The
Standard is 28 years old.

No. Currently the suits are only for those who are members.

No. Currently the demographics of The Standard are 50% men who are single and 50% of
men who are in relationships with most of the men who are in relationships being married.