LegacyLion NFT

LegacyLion is the name of The Standard’s founders, Hafeez Baoku and Joseph Hines, limited-edition NFT collection. They created LegacyLion to bring to life their desire for all men to leave a legacy of greatness and build communities of excellence with forward thinking professionals who want to dominate in all aspects of life, including Web 3.0. By owning a LegacyLion, you not only become a fellow pioneer of The Standard’s NFT endeavors but also receive an invitation to become part of TheStandard100, which is the exclusive mentorship program of Hafeez and Joseph. 

The first 100 individuals to purchase a suit from The Standard will receive either a limited-edition Legacy Blue or Legacy Grey NFT from The LegacyLion collection. The NFT will be able to be redeemed free of charge (gas fees are not included) once proof of purchase has been verified. These limited editions will not be for sale to the general public.

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