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The 1% Man Inner Circle + Master Suite

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By purchasing The 1% Man Inner Circle + Master Suite you get access to The Standard Membership as well as a myriad of tools and resources that will optimize your success. The suite includes but not limited to:

  • The Standard Membership
  • The Standard Masterclass Monday 40+ Hour Catalog
  • The Standard Library
  • The Standard Private Discord Community
  • The Standard Missions Control
  • The Standard Weekend Celebratory Experience
  • The Standard Seminars
  • The Standard Evening with Experts
  • The Standard Liaisons
  • The Standard Specialist
  • The Standard Exclusive Digital Events
  • The Standard Private Dinners 
  • The Standard Regional Meet Ups
  • The Standard Annual Men's Conference
  • The Standard Exclusive Parties
  • The Standard "Members-Only" Suits
  • And Much More

 (All purchases are final and purchasing a membership does not include a suit)

The Standard Library

$10,000 value

Perception Economics course

$1499 value

The Standard Lookbook

$299 value

The Standard Database

$5,000 value


value over



The Standard is a community of high performing men who work together to unlock their full
potential physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially

No, it is not. The Standard is a digital community that facilitates real life in person
connections and community. While touch points happen online, the relationships are built in
person. We have in-person events and members in every major city in the United States such as:
New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Dallas, Houston,
Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and much more.

The Standard is a $599 yearly membership. Unlike a membership club that only provides
facilitates and the hopes of a connection for 5x the price, The Standard membership guarantees
immediate connection to like-minded individuals and also provides 50+ hours of Masterclasses,
unlimited access to seminars across the country, The Standard Library and much more.

Once you've joined The Standard three things happen...
1) You are connected to a local liaison within 48 hours whose job is to connect and support you
into the community.
2) You go through orientation and take an evaluation so we can assess your strength and
weakness and support your needs.
3) You will receive access to The Standard Library, Masterclass Mondays, Digital Community as
well as being connected with an expert in your field of weakness.

Yes you can. We have a liaison dedicated to the success and well-being of international
members and The Standard has a plethora of tools and resources that can be accessed from
anywhere in the globe. We are also cultivating meet ups in different parts of the world for the
men to meet.

You have to be at least 18 years old to join The Standard, which is only allowed on a special
case by case basis. Ideally, we want our members to be 21 years old as the median age of The
Standard is 28 years old.

No. Currently the suits are only for those who are members.

No. Currently the demographics of The Standard are 50% men who are single and 50% of
men who are in relationships with most of the men who are in relationships being married.